Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Poem

When he went blundering back to God,
His songs half written, his work half done.
Who knows what paths his bruised feet trod,
What hills of peace or pain he won?

I hope God smiled and took his hand,
And said, "Poor truant, passionate fool!
Life's book is hard to understand:
Why couldst thou not remain at school?"

- by Charles Hanson Towne

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jonathan Livingstonism

You don't have to be a seagull to be "Jonathan Livingston". Anyone who pushes the boundaries dictated by the physical, mental and emotional limitations of their species is "Jonathan Livingston". Evolution itself is a proof of this. Every specie has had its fair share of "Jonathan Livingstons", except perhaps the Dodos. They never had a chance. A blink, and they were gone.

Let us consider the example of this Giraffe, who has to resort to inconvenient postures to be able to quench his thirst:

By the next photo, it seems to have realized the absurdity of its posture and is asking me "What is so funny? Be thankful that you don't have stick-like front legs."

Now what it chooses to do with this realization will decide whether this Giraffe is going to be a "Jonathan Livingston" Giraffe. A giraffe doesn't usually sit down because it cannot quickly get up and get going. This giraffe can accept that this is what it has and learn to make the best of it. Or it can decide to explore whether there are other possibilities. For example, it can exercise its knees and make them strong so that it can sit down and get up as quickly as a deer.

If it chooses the first option, it would be just another Giraffe. However, if it chooses the second option, it could become a "Jonathan Livingston" Giraffe.

In most cases, the choice lies with you. Whether you want to be just another one in the specie or whether you want to be "Jonathan Livingston", is for you to decide. Every challenge is an opportunity to be "Jonathan Livingston". After all, homo sapiens is the specie that has seen the most "Jonathan Livingstons" till now.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Phrases that I coined...(contd.)

"There is pattern in all that is random"

Even the most complex of Random Number Generation Algorithms have a pattern. Let me know in case you know of one that doesn't.

The same is true for every other aspect. When the civilization began, very regular events like the sun rising, must have appeared random to the human-kind. Movement of Stars, Shapes of moon, flowing of rivers, aging, birth, everything must have appeared random. But the introspective human mind searched for and identified patterns in them.

In our lives as well, we assume that some things simply happen randomly. However, it is my personal belief that there is pattern and predictable behavior behind these as well. We are just not big enough to understand that.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Urban Sunset

Sun Sets behind the construction

Even though the landscape around us is rapidly changing, a few things never change. A sunset is as beautiful on beach as behind a construction site. While we cannot do too much to stop our world from changing, we can still keep on enjoying the little things that never change.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Phrases that I coined (contd...)

The biggest indication of lack of faith is when you start being prepared for disappointment...
If you expect to fail in the end, can you put in your best effort? If you try to play safe to prevent disappointment in case something doesn’t work, do you think you can give 100% to the cause? And if you don’t give in your best, don’t you think that you have lesser chances of succeeding?

Battles are fought and won only when you have complete faith in the cause. Either you want to win or you don’t. If you want to win then believe that you will win. Otherwise give up right now and move on to something you really believe in…

Monday, February 16, 2009

Phrases that I coined

1) Only when you apply brakes do you realize your speed...
Thought of this while driving on the DND flyway in Delhi. I was travelling at about 80 km/hr (which is the maximum speed limit). I think it is very true for life as well. This is why we feel lost when there are commas in life. It is really hard to get up and get going again...

2) As soon as you cease to value what you have, you lose everything!
There are times in our lives when all of us feel lonely and lost and that life is not worth the effort. When I thought about this and looked around, I realized that we feel this way when we stop valuing those who value us. This happens when we yearn for things that we do not have and in the process ignore everything that we have. So it feels like we do not have anything...