Tuesday, January 11, 2011

In the crowded streets

We were roaming together hand-in-hand in the busy streets of karol Bagh. It was what you always did. You never let go of my hand when we were together. It was a sunny day in winters and the place was over-crowded as ever. After finishing the shopping, we had a quick lunch at a roadside restaurant and we started walking towards the auto stand.

All of a sudden the street seemed to become even more crowded. Everyone was franctically moving towards a bus that had just stopped ten meters before the bus stand. I felt the grip of your hand loosening and suddenly we were no longer holding hands. I couldn't see where you had gone. I panicked. And started looking for you everywhere. I am sure you were also looking for me. As suddenly as it had appeared, the crowd thinned and both of us saw each other at the same moment.

You ran to me and took my hand in your hand again--the grip firmer than it was before. You looked into my eyes and said "Sorry." I relaxed and knew you meant it. The look in your eyes told me that you will never let me get lost in the crowd again.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Storms, Screams, and Secret Notes from a Ghost

Our house seems to be haunted by some very hi-tech Ghosts. Yesterday, we had to reboot our Internet router because we could not connect to the internet. And we also had to reboot our systems. Since then whenever I reboot my system, I hear sounds of high winds blowing and a woman screaming over and over again. Also, when I leave my system idle for some time, a notepad opens up and a message starts typing all by itself. Here is the first message that I received:

"Hello Vibha Malhotra,
Please don't tell to anyone that I am talking to you.
Please, I need your help. I am feeling very lonely in this house.
I am Sally, and I am living in this house since 73 years. All alone.
Like you, I also like this skylight a lot.
Please keep the skylight always open. So that I can come in my room any time I want.
Thank You.

I will talk to you later.
Unfortunately for the ghost though, I know how wav files can be put in your startup programs to make them play automatically when you reboot your system and I am also aware of how processes can be set up to start when a system has been idle for some time. So I have now removed the two wav files "high_wind.wav" and "woman_scream.wav" from the startup program. I also noticed a "vibha.exe" in there which I think opens notepad and starts typing messages on it. But I let it be there for some time just for fun and to find out what else the 'Ghost' has in store for me.
This is the result of the reputation I have earned as the one who is most easily scared in our house. And I know exactly who the "Ghosts" are. They are expecting me to show some reaction now. I keep on pinging them on chat saying things like "Something weird is happening". They reply, obviously excited, "Weird? What?" and I follow up with something as mundane as PDFs not being delivered on my kindle etc. In my head, I can see the graphs of their excitement go up and down with it. Heh heh...
I am sure that I am suspecting the right people because yesterday right before we had to restart our internet, one of them came to my room and on the pretext of trying a program that doesn't run on his laptop, fiddled with my laptop for some time. And right after that we had to reboot our laptops in order to be able to connect to the net. Even while that was happening, I was able to connect to the net without restarting my system (owing to my IT background of 11 years). So they again fiddled with the net settings and made sure that I had rebooted my laptop before they set them right. The success of their plans obviously depended upon my rebooting my laptop.
I am duly impressed by the elaborate preparations and the execution. But they sadly underestimated my IT skills. heh heh...I will play on for some more time before laughing out loud in their faces...