Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Please Forgive Me

If you were ever lonely
And I wasn't there for you,
Please forgive me.

If you ever wanted to cry
And I didn't offer my shoulder,
Please forgive me.

If you were ever afraid of dark
And I didn't turn on the lights,
Please forgive me.

If you wanted to fly high
And I didn't let go,
Please forgive me.

If you wanted to dance
And I switched the music off,
Please forgive me.

If you wanted to be punished
And I was too kind,
Please forgive me.

If you wanted me to be happy
And I only smiled weakly,
Please forgive me.

If you wanted me to move on
And I would rather cling,
Please forgive me.

Now I have moved on
And life ahead looks bright.
Go on! Walk your separate way,
Till we meet again...


Hannah said...

This is really lovely Vibha. x

Vibha said...

Thanks Hannah.

nandan said...

Too profound for a youngster like me.

Bhuwan Malhotra said...

very nice di. really love this.

Vibha said...

@Nandan: Yes, it is meant for grown-ups

@Bhuwan: Thanks Bhai :)

Zenga Stream said...

Good Good U r going deep in your way..

Vibha said...

Thanks Zenga :)

Fayez said...

wonderful pice of poetry...

Vibha said...

Thanks Fayez...

Sourav said...

Deep, meaningful and heartfelt!

And excuse me if I am wrong, but such posts never come without some experiences in life. Have had myself too, anyway lovely post and as beautifully expressed! :)

Vibha said...

Thanks Sourav. I am glad you liked it.

Split Strings said...

Beautifully Woven ! Something tells me that I will be visiting your blog again. :)